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Public sector

The rapid economic and social development gives the administration new missions that focus on the culture of good governance, improving the performance of the administration, increasing its responsiveness to meet citizens’ expectations and strengthening its contribution to accelerate the pace of development to boost competitiveness and international attractiveness.

EXI has a dedicated public sector team that intervene to support you in the optimization processes, the implementation of new management methods, the financial and tax strategy and in the certification of accounts …

Financial Institutions and Insurance

In the face of numerous regulatory changes, the financial sector needs to review its risk management and compliance regimes while maintaining financial strength.

Given our rich and long experience, we offer you practical solutions for the implementation of tools deemed necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and objectives set.

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Real estate development

Faced with a profoundly changing environment and rising global costs, real estate developers are under the obligation to control their costs and satisfy their customers, while ensuring a preponderant increase in their profitability in relation to the objectives set.

Our firm assists you in improving management tools for your business, in particular by developing dashboards to support decision-making and business strategy…


Faced with increasing requirements for the safe transport of people and goods as imposed by national and international authorities, as well as the importance of investment costs and ongoing operating costs that is continuously increasing. Companies in the sector are faced with the obligation to find their financial equilibrium and ensure a long-term profitability, which adhere the predefined objectives.

Our firm ensures that our clients have the necessary tools to overcome their difficulties, contributes to the strengthening of management capacities and technical skills.

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Industrie Tunisie


Confronted with a competitive environment and continuously increasing production costs, companies must balance business development with technological, social and environmental requirements and profitability.

Our team helps you focus on core business processes to find suitable solutions that promote growth and improve your business results.