For most of our major clients both Tunisian and foreign, EXI provides legal or contractual audit assignments.Audit Tunisie
Auditing contributes to account transparency and to companies’ credibility and sustainability. Auditing constitutes a key component for building trust with third parties, managers, investors and shareholders, it also ensures the continued good reputation of your company.

We offer a line of legal and contractual audit services tailored to your needs

  • Statutory audit and auditors : The function of a statutory audit is to certify the compliance and fairness of companies’ accounts and to ensure that the published financial information is reliable.
  • Acquisition Audit : This type of audit validates the company’s financial, legal and fiscal information, as well as its business plan and contracts. This audit is conducted on behalf of companies, or capital investors wishing to acquire holdings.
  • Contributions and mergers auditing :  based on a deep knowledge of the specificities inherent in certain business sectors, and more generally issues related to business valuation and accounting standards.
  • Other missions :  We offer certain services other than the certification of the financial statements, including the audit of financial information, of the consolidated financial statements, the certificates (use of external credit lines, capital structures, etc.), and the findings following agreed procedures, the services rendered during acquisition or disposal.

Human Resources Assistance

EXI helps its clients optimize their payroll management.
The management of social legislation requires high technicality and a continuous updating of knowledge.
We put at your disposal a team of specialized professionals to develop the right solution for clients’ unique needs

  • Outsourcing payroll processing : We take charge of payroll management for your business, from the preparation of pay slips to social security declarations. We can also handle the everyday administrative management of your employees.
    The services offered are completely flexible in their scope and structure, suiting the unique needs of each customer.
  • HR consulting and assistance : We offer our expertise in management, reinforcement or replacement of the payroll team, training in payroll techniques or payroll software, Payroll Audit and assistance in drawing up social reports. We are able to provide customers with payroll service and counseling, regardless of the business sector, size of the company or number of employees within the company.


EXI partially or fully supports the accounting and financial functions of its clients OUTSOURCING Tunisiewho wish to dedicate their resources to the development of their core business and outsource all, or part of their functions (accounting, internal audit, management control, human resources management…)

We offer our clients comprehensive accounting services; you can be assured that persons, who have extensive knowledge of accounting and finance, with years of experience, will conduct your finances and accounting fairly and meticulously.

We ensure that our outsourcing services are provided at the highest level and based on the demanding standards, which guarantee the appropriate quality.

Legal and tax

EXI Provides answers to nearly all your needs in the field of tax and legal Assistance juridique et fiscal Tunisie by proposing a wide range of services while permanently placing at your disposal a competent, responsible team of integrity and dynamism:

  • Legal assistance: company formation, drafting minutes, reorganizing companies in difficulty, legal advice for commercial companies, choosing the right legal form;
  • Tax Assistance: Choosing the right tax system, remote transmission of tax declaration, review of the current tax declaration (withholding tax, VAT, TFP, FOPROLS, TCL, IS, IRPP …), assistance during tax inspections, litigation or litigious procedures and optimization of your firm’s tax structure.

Certified accounting

EXI provides its clients with the highest quality accounting,Expertise Comptable Tunisie auditing, tax planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by a professional team that work to exceed their clients’ needs within the contractual and statutory time limit.
We offer a broad and diversified portfolio of services:

  • Establishment of accounting and financial information : management and follow-up of your accounts (account entry, account analysis, bank reconciliations).
  • Accounting procedures and management control : The review, implementation or optimization of accounting and internal control procedures, the implementation of management tools (dashboards, comparative budget, cost accounting, break-even point…).
  • Assistance and advice : We will strive to further strengthen the relationships of our clients with the Administration and their economic partners.
  • Valuations : valuation transactions are conducted on behalf of acquirers and investment funds, in particular in the context of growth or restructuring and value testing. They include business valuation, valuation of assets (business assets, tangible assets …), and impairment tests.

EXI offers to support international investors attracted by opportunities

Accompagnement des investisseurs TunisieEXI offers to support international investors attracted by opportunities in Tunisia to ensure compliance with local regulations. Our support guarantees the optimization and security of your development projects in Tunisia.
You are thus confronted with the language barrier, relations with a foreign administration, new and complex regulatory context, choice of status, recruitment practices…
If you plan to set up in Tunisia (acquisition of a legal entity, creation of a branch or a subsidiary), our assistance may include:

  • Domiciliation : we search according to your location the place of your eventual domicile.
  • Assistance in social matters : Completion of registration procedures of your structure, payroll preparation, preparation and payment of your social statements.
  • Assistance in tax matters : we ensure the registration requirements of your entity with the financial administration and all reporting formalities in tax matters. We provide you with regular assistance in the area of direct and indirect taxation.
  • Accountancy support : we provide accounting services or only audit mission so that you are able to present financial statements in accordance with the accounting regulations.
  • Reporting : We prepare your financial reporting while ensuring the transition from the Tunisian standard to IFRS.
  • Assistance in your cross-border transactions.